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Stephen Hawking is against artificial intelligence because it threatens his position as a thought leader: Do you agree?

One of the biggest fears surrounding the potential rise of artificial intelligence is that of its effect on employment. As more and more tasks are able to be carried out by automated systems, it is inevitable that people in various industries will lose their jobs.

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Earlier this year, in fact, I shuddered as I found out that an algorithm (opens in new tab) managed to write a breaking news story about an earthquake in California in just three minutes.

However, ClickSoftware's Steve Mason thinks otherwise. He says that we're a long way from AI completely removing job functions, and even then he reckons it will enable new services to be created, which in turn will lead to new forms of employment.

In response to Stephen Hawking's claim that the continued development of AI will lead to humans' eventual downfall, Mason says that it is natural for individuals at "the pinnacle of thought leadership" to feel threatened by something that could knock them off their perch.

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