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Mobile app of the day: Acompli

If you struggle to manage multiple email accounts, attachments and contacts quickly and easily, Acompli could be your new best friend.

Information overload is something many of us can experience at times, and coupled with competing demands on our time and multiple things that scream to be done 'right now!' it isn't always easy to stay in control. Apps that help you find a way through masses of data to the things you really need can be an enormous help.

Acompli integrates a range of different information types and it is designed to be useful for work email. It can automatically put the most important emails at the top of your inbox, gives you an easy, well integrated calendar view so you can share times with other people to schedule meetings, and integrates with email, Dropbox, Google Drive and OneDrive so you can easily attach files. It is also fast at filtering and sorting, so you can move around even a huge amount of email quickly. Oh, and there's good integration with contacts too.

For a free app there's an awful lot going on here that can help you stay in control of what needs to be done.

Click here to download Acompli for Android, or here for iOS.

Product: Acompli

OS: Android, iOS

Price: Free