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Yo proves lasting success with over 100 million Yos sent

Yo is proving to be a lasting fixture with up to 15 of the push notifications being sent every second as the service hit 100 million “Yos” for the first time.

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The unique service that allows users to send a single word over-and-over is still alive and breathing three months after its initial launch despite a drop off from around 100 per second earlier this year.

“It’s amazing if I compare it to other companies,” said Moshe Hogeg, Yo’s co-founder, according to Tech Crunch. “Every second, there are 14 or 15 Yos sent. That’s three months after all the big hype.”

Hogeg added that the app has approximately 1.5 million active users per month, a modest increase from a month ago, and is continuing to staunchly defend the app’s concept that has been panned by some observers.

“Sometimes it’s enough to look at someone and know exactly what they mean,” he said. “Yo is also a word that means nothing. The context brings the meaning. Because ‘Yo’ means nothing, it could mean anything. It’s stupid but it’s beautiful at the same time.”

The co-creator also hinted at functionality with the Apple Watch by commenting that the new device “could be a whole new way to communicate,” before adding “that’s Yo. We created it”.

Investors have already plunged $1 million [£586,727] into the app that has seen updates applied that make it more than just the Yo! that it was once was. This includes Yo Link that enables users to send subscribers a link from their clipboard and opens it up to the possibility that news websites and brands could use it to connect with customers.

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There are still considerable questions as to whether it can keep up the momentum and continue to attract enough users to send each other Yos for an extended period of time.

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