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Amazon Fire TV now has Spotify, but you'll have to fork out for a premium subscription

Amazon continues to grow the ecosystem for its set-top box, the Fire TV. While its portfolio of offerings hasn't yet reached Roku level, the platform is much newer and still getting its legs under it. Today it expands a bit more with the addition of Spotify to its ranks.

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The music steaming service launched today on the Amazon box, though it does require users to have a Premium subscription, which will set you back a few quid per month.

However, once installed and set up, customers can control Spotify using multiple devices. "Using Spotify Connect on your mobile or tablet, you can seamlessly switch your favourite music from your mobile to the TV and continue to make calls, use other smartphone apps and go out of wifi range, all without interrupting the music", the service claims.

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As for the Spotify Premium part, it will dent your wallet $9.99 (around £6.00) per month, which is about the going rate for these things.

However you can grab a free month to try it out and see what you think. If you have Fire TV hooked to an A/V receiver then it may be worth it.