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Are the Star Wars X-wing fighter planes really going to be deployed across the US?

Iconic X-wing fighters from the Star Wars film franchise could become a thing of reality, with the US defence department working on a laser weapon for military aircraft.

Further signs then, that science fiction technologies are fast becoming products of reality, after the US Navy announced it was planning to test a new laser weapon (opens in new tab) earlier in 2014.

The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA), which is responsible for the development of new military technology for the US government, is working with security and aerospace company Lockheed Martin, on a beam control turret, to give 360-degree coverage to high-energy laser weapons on military aircraft.

Lockheed Martin has already taken the technology for a spin on eight test flights over Michigan.

"These initial flight tests validate the performance of our ABC turret design, which is an enabler for integrating high energy lasers on military aircraft," said Doug Graham, vice president of advanced programs, strategic and missile defense systems at Lockheed Martin. Yes, that is his full title.

The new turret, will allow the aircraft to engage enemy aircraft and missiles from all angles, with Lockheed Martin's "flow control" and "optical compensation technologies" counteracting the effects of turbulence caused by firing weapons.

But it's not only the US government that is looking to push the boundaries of science fiction. By investing in laser technologies, back in 2011 UK police considered testing laser equipment to dazzle rioters (opens in new tab).

Lockheed Martin has been working on Laser technology for over 30 years and is planning further test flights of its latest creation throughout 2014.