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Global Mobile Vision 2014: What to expect

ITProPortal is heading to South Korea for the country's largest mobile exhibition. We'll be talking to mobile players and accelerators from across Asia, as well as some of the hottest startups to watch. Here's what to expect.

Mobile cloud

Make sure to stick around for the opening keynote on Wednesday 17th, by product marketing senior director for VMware Muneyb Minhazuddin. Minhazuddin will be talking about how enterprises have to become mobile cloud first, or face dying out in the new age.

While we're at it, we're also going to get the latest on mobile security for enterprise from Professor Jeong Hyun Yi of Soongsil University, and we're going to hear a lot about how big data and mobile are a match made in government efficiency heaven.

Internet of things

South Korea is one of the world leaders in connected homes and smart communities, with some of the world's leading companies in developing the Internet of things.

As such, Global Mobile Vision 2014 is going to have a lot of exciting things happening in the Internet of things and smart cities space. Whether it's Cisco's Sanjay Ramesh, senior director for business development around smart and connected communities, or Fiona McNeill of SAS, there are a lot of big names out there discussing just what the Internet of things means, how it can be applied to smart cities, and how it's about to change our lives.

Startup battle Korea

GMV 2014 is where the next Startup Battle Korea is going to take place. For anyone interested in startups, or looking for the next hot investment, this event will be a must-see.

Tune in on Thursday for coverage of the event, and ITProPortal will also be interviewing the winners of the competition, and asking them just what the secret was to their success.

With so many promising startups in the running, it's going to be a pretty tight competition.

Whatever your interests, this is going to be a fascinating few days in Seoul, so stick around follow the conference right here on ITProPortal, between 17-19 September.

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