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Mobile app of the day: Delvv

There are lots of apps out there which can aggregate news feeds into a single place. Delvv has joined the bunch, though only if you are an Android user. An iPhone app is set to appear at some point, but it isn't available yet.

Delvv claims to learn as it goes, so that over time it delivers information that is more relevant to your interests and you get less of what's not that useful. Every time you read, explore a topic or delete something the software uses this information to fine tune what it delivers. Delvv covers apps and events as well as the more usual news and blog posts, and of course it can deliver trending info so you can see what's popular.

There is a social element to all this. You can join the Delvv community and connect with other people who share the same interests as you. You can store items retrieved by Delvv in 'collections' so you can keep different topics separate from each other, and then share these or keep them private. You can also share individual items with people by SMS, email, Twitter, Facebook and so on.

Click here to download Delvv for Android.

Product: Delvv

OS: Android

Price: Free