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PayPal ad hits out at Apple Pay’s security following celeb leak

E-commerce business PayPal has aimed a thinly-veiled attack at its rival payment service, Apple Pay.

In an ad that ran in Monday's San Francisco Chronicle, PayPal's headline claimed, "We the people want our money safer than our selfies."

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This was largely seen to be criticising Apple's part in the recent celebrity image scandal. Earlier this month, graphic pictures of various stars, including Jennifer Lawrence and Kirsten Dunst, were leaked online, with many of the images believed to have come from Apple's iCloud servers.

Apple Pay is a mobile payment and digital wallet service, scheduled to launch in the US in October. The Cupertino-based company has insisted that the security measures put in place mean that users will have nothing to worry about when the system is released next month

The platform will use the firm's Touch ID fingerprint recognition technology and generates a new 16-digit number for every transaction, instead of transmitting the user's actual credit card number .

The ad campaign, questioning the security of Apple Pay, is likely to be the result of the direct competition the service provides to payment systems such as PayPal.

It remains to be seen if consumer trust in Apple has been shaken by the celebrity image leak, but generally the firm has built up a reputation for handling data securely.

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The technology giant reassured users that its servers were not breached during the image leak, but instead claimed that the security flaw was more human than technical. In any case, we'll only know for sure if the firm's new payment service has the trust of its users once it launches in October.