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Today’s tech: Governments pester Google for user data, Kindle infiltrated by hackers, Startup Institute gains more partners

Google reveals extent of government snooping

Google transparency report shows substantial rise in government requests for user data (opens in new tab)

Google has published its annual transparency report detailing how many user data requests governments around the world have asked for.

Since last year, requests for user information have increased by 15 per cent. The report also details data removal requests from governments, the majority of which are for defamation. In terms of "Notable Observations", Google saw an incredible amount of requests from countries to remove content that criticised governments.

Kindle kleptomania 

Kindle security flaw leaves Amazon account details vulnerable (opens in new tab)

A security flaw has been discovered in Amazon's Kindle app, allowing hackers access to users' Amazon account details.

Hackers can hide malicious lines of code in eBooks that, once downloaded, gives access to cookies and account details. However, this vulnerability can only be exploited if the user downloads eBooks from less-than-reputable sources, and is circumnavigated by downloading from trusted dealers or Amazon itself.

Startup Institute shouts "Hailo" to new partners 

Startup Institute partners with Hailo and raises $3m in funding (opens in new tab)

Startup Institute has announced partnerships with London-based startups Hailo, Geckoboard, and Toothpick.

Startup Institute offers business courses taught by entrepreneurs for people who want to learn about practical business information not offered by standard educational institutions.

Katie Rae, the co-founder and chairman of Startup Institute, said, "The response to our institutes has been humbling. The demand for this style of education has been incredible."