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Apple advises Android users on how to migrate to iPhone 6

Apple is serious about poaching away Android users – well, that much is obvious, of course, but the company is gunning after Google's OS in an increasingly dogged manner.

Not only is Cupertino pushing out its bigger-screened iPhones (and finally a phablet) at the end of the week, it has also published some official advice on its website for users wanting to switch from Android to an iPhone.

Yes, a new support page has popped up entitled "Move content from your Android phone to iPhone". Apple states: "Ready to make the switch to iPhone? Here are some tips for moving your photos, music, documents, and more from your Android phone to iPhone."

There are six links which help you with various elements of the transition: Mail, contacts and calendar (moving them via an app or social media services), photos and videos (via an app or iTunes), and music (showing how to import your tunes to an iPhone).

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Apple also deals with eBooks and PDFs, documents, and apps themselves – although the advice on the latter point is rather, well, here's what Cupertino says: "Go to the App Store, search for the apps you have now, and install them."

Really, Apple? Thanks for that. Some might say that this section of the help page is only there so Cupertino can get the following dig in at Android, with the company noting: "You'll probably find the apps you're already using on the App Store."

Some of the other advice is a lot more helpful than the app-related stuff, fortunately, and as a whole the page is certainly worth a visit. Check it out here.

Are you an Android user planning to convert now that Apple has finally brought out iPhones which don't have (relatively) small screens? Let us know in the comments...

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The final piece of the puzzle concerning going up against Android will, however, be when Apple releases a truly budget iPhone to tackle the growing low-end of the smartphone market. Never gonna happen, of course...