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How a UK startup is taking on the big boys in the cloud market

ITProPortal loves startups. They are the exciting, disruptive underdogs of the technology world and it's always great to see them do well. However, the bulk of coverage mainly goes to B2C companies, leaving B2B firms in the shadows.

I chatted with Richard Davies, the CEO of ElasticHosts, to get an idea of what it's like to launch a non-consumer-facing startup.

Richard co-founded the company back in 2008, when the cloud movement was just about gathering pace. At the time, a few US companies were beginning to find their feet, and Richard saw an opportunity for setting up shop in Europe, which was a relatively untapped market.

In the clip above, Richard sheds light on the biggest challenges involved with establishing a B2B startup and the advantages that European businesses have over their US-based rivals.

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Aatif is a freelance copywriter and journalist based in the UK. He’s written about technology, science and politics for publications including Gizmodo, The Independent, Trusted Reviews, Newsweek, and ITProPortal.