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How to provision infrastructure at the speed you roll out applications

ITProPortal was on the ground in Seoul, South Korea, for the Global Mobile Vision 2014 conference. Muneyb Minhazuddin, senior director for product marketing at VMware, gave a keynote on software-defined enterprises in the mobile cloud era. Here are the highlights.

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The problem is, business leaders want IT to be like Amazon. They want to run everything on a public cloud. But the new IT is about the software defined data centre, and most of the companies running the new IT are based round a commodity-designed infrastructure. The new application agility, and global applications being built on this environment.

What we mean when we talk about the software defined data centre is building your IT on that model. That's the fundamental shift. And of course you have hardware-defined data centres offering services on top of that. And as applications shift, and it's a big shift – there's demand on mobile infrastructure in an unsustainable way.

In hardware-defined, if you want more capacity, you scale up your hardware to match it. But with the new scale-out model, you simply make that fundamental shift to being dynamic – not only in your data centre, but across multiple data centres, and in the public cloud. In this way, you can deliver your application on any platform, or any mobile device, without putting strain on your hardware and infrastructure.

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If you can bridge that gap, you can build these applications at high speed – because at the click of a button, you provision all of these data centres to support your application. If you go the traditional way, you have to do your infrastructure separately, you have to do security separately. You want to provision your infrastructure at the same speed that you can roll out applications – and these days, that's fast.

A lot of businesses began this journey by just taking their compute servers and just virtualising them, but we have the technology these days to give you the right platform to build your application, not just in the public cloud, but in the private and hybrid clouds too.

At the data centre itself, demand for truly global apps varies, but with complete automation of network provisioning and maintenance, you can enter a situation of zero downtime, decoupling the network hardware from software and extending virtualisation to networking and security. That's modern provisioning for infrastructure.

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