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BitTorrent sends Bleep alpha programme public to Android and Mac users

Chat has become popular on many platforms, from computers to mobile. But BitTorrent has a client that seems to be changing how this all works by removing the cloud storage from the equation, making this a bit more secure.

Today its chat client, known as Bleep, becomes available to all users. It's still in alpha form for the time being, but these things are moving forward.

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"At the end of July, we offered invite-only access to our first peer-to-peer chat client, Bleep. With thanks to input from the Bleep Alpha test group, our team has been hard at work ironing out kinks. Today we take the next step, making the Bleep Alpha publicly available for any willing tester to try it out. This next stage introduces Bleep apps for Mac and Android will be available today", the organisation states.

This is all fully encrypted messages - BitTorrent promises that your communications are protected. "Users can also easily delete their encrypted message history, leaving no trace of conversation behind".

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Perhaps the biggest news is not that the alpha is going public, but that the chat platform will be coming to both Android and Mac.You should be able to find it in the Play store, or through the BitTorrent site.

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