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Mozilla expands into Asia with Bangladesh release of Firefox OS

There's one more smartphone platform on the market, although it's far behind the big, established names. Mozilla has released Firefox OS, which is aimed at emerging markets. Now the organisation is taking it to one more, adding an Asian nation to its resume.

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Telenor Group is bringing the platform to Bangladesh after hitting India just a few weeks ago. "At a press conference in Dhaka, Grameenphone, the local operator for the Telenor Group,announced that sales of the GoFox F15 (produced by Symphony) will start this week", says Mozilla.

Telenor was among the early backers of the Mozilla smartphone platform. The phone has partnered with Grameephone, which is the largest provider in the nation.

"This launch was made possible through the cooperation between Grameenphone, Telenor, Mozilla and Symphony,” says Rolv-Erik Spilling, SVP and Head of Telenor Digital. “For us, it’s important to provide the Bangladeshi market with an easy, affordable and locally relevant mobile internet experience, which the Firefox phone enables", the organisation announces.

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Firefox OS is now available across 23 markets, covering Asia, Europe and Latin America. It's still unclear exactly how well these devices are doing, but it seems a good fit for first-time smartphone buyers.