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Apple’s iPhone 6 and phablet go on sale around the world

Today is the big day for Apple fans, as the company's new iPhone 6 handsets went on sale first thing this morning, both the standard 4.7in version, and the iPhone 6 Plus 5.5in phablet.

And as ever, there were long queues outside Apple stores in major cities across the world, as eager punters waited for their first touch of a large-screen Apple phone (the previous iPhone having a 4in display, which is considered small these days).

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In fact, some folks had been queuing since the end of August in New York (yes, that was well before the iPhones had even been revealed, although admittedly these folks were either doing it for money, or publicity for their app/company – they couldn't care less about phablets, NFC and iOS 8).

In London, the Telegraph reports that there was big lines outside the Covent Garden and Regent Street stores, despite apparently "thunderous" rain. There were around a thousand folks outside the Covent Garden branch, but what was good to see was that the pair of friends at the head of the line were actually genuine iPhone fans, wanting to buy the handset.

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Jameel Ahmed and Sam Sheikh told the Telegraph: "We're excited about the Plus' big screen. We're hoping to get the gold one, last time we missed it."

Bless 'em – if they don't get a gold phablet, then there's not much hope for the rest of the country. The gold colour was also proving popular in pre-orders from what we saw, as after last weekend, on Apple's online store all iPhone models went to a three to four week wait for shipping, except the base 16GB iPhone 6 – but the gold model of that had been pushed out to a three to four week delay, as well.

The reports which are coming in from around the world suggest that the phablet is in demand – possibly because that's where the rumoured stock shortages will lie (it was certainly thinner on the ground when it came to online pre-orders), so those wanting it badly aren't leaving anything to chance.