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Fail: First person in the world to buy iPhone 6 drops it on live TV

So you've just bought your new iPhone. What's the first thing you do with it? Try out the new NFC chip maybe? (Or maybe not, seeing as it doesn't do anything, even in the US as Apple Pay isn't live just yet).

Caress the curved edges of the handset? (Hmm, that could be a bit creepy). Marvel at all that screen real estate? Or chuck the phone on the floor?

The latter probably wouldn't be your first choice, and particularly not if you were the first person in the queue at a flagship Apple store in a major city, with a news crew filming you showing off your new purchase.

And that's exactly what happened to one poor unfortunate, a certain Jack Cooksey who bagged the first iPhone 6 in Perth, Australia.

Jack was being interviewed by 9 News Perth, and was obviously feeling the pressure with all the cameras and focus on him. He struggles to open the box for a number of seconds, and with the lid seemingly not wanting to come off, he pulls harder, loses his grip, pulls again and... yep, the lid comes off very suddenly and the iPhone flies out of the box, hitting the floor.

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Check out the video above, where you'll see that fortunately for young Jack, despite his impromptu drop-test, the iPhone 6 remains apparently unscathed. "It's all good," he remarks, while desperately scanning the device for any potential nicks or scratches. You have to feel for the guy – particularly with the jeering crowd in the background.

At any rate, the iPhone 6 has won an encounter with a concrete pavement, which bodes well for the many people who have complained about previous models and their propensity to shatter when dropped from pocket height.

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Who needs sapphire glass, maybe an ion-strengthened screen is good enough...

Darren Allan
Darren Allan

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