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Intel touts wireless charging bowl for release this year

Intel’s wireless charging bowl is on track to be released by the end of the year with the company still tight-lipped on how much the revolutionary device will end up costing.

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CEO Brian Krzanich confirmed as much during a speech at MakerCon in New York when he said that the device will be “on the market right around the end of this year,” according to CNET.

The charging bowl was devised when a team of Intel workers sat around a table talking about wearables and the fact that they have to create a plug on a device to allow it to be charged.

It was then that they started to speculate as to how a device could be charged from the outside by just throwing it onto something and a female member of the group then said she tossed her jewellery into a bowl at the end of the day.

That concept gained traction amongst the group and after a visit to a nearby Walmart to pick up a chip bowl, it was rigged up to make a charger.

"To our surprise, it actually worked," Krzanich admitted.

The bowl is one of a number of different devices that Intel has developed to try and capture a piece of the growth currently being experienced in the Internet of Things sector.

During the Consumer Electronics Show [CES] speech made by Krzanich in January he mentioned “smart earbuds” that have been released as BioSport In-Ear Earphones and a partnership with Opening Ceremony that produced the MICA luxury smart bracelet.

The charging bowl was mentioned alongside those two devices and Krzanich added that it has been by far the most popular concept with the company inbox inundated by people wanting to know more.

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It’s anticipated that pricing will be announced in the coming weeks before it is released just in time to fill stockings this festive season.

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