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Tech News Weekly podcast 36: Dirty tactics, wearables, startups and technology's effect on children

In this edition of the TNWP, our new-look podcast team delves into some of the most intriguing stories of the week, including some washing machine-themed foul play between LG and Samsung, HTC's bid to follow Apple into the wearables market, and a breakdown of what Google has discovered as part of its transparency report.

There's also a big shout-out to ITPP's Startup of the Week and a rather divisive debate about technology's effects on children.

Joining Wayne Scott in the studio this week are Tom Phelan, Sam Pudwell, Aatif Sulleyman and debutant Nathan Chai.

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Articles discussed this week include

Top LG executive allegedly vandalises Samsung washing machines in electronics shop, blames "weak hinges"

HTC ready to follow Apple into wearables with early 2015 release

Startup of the Week: Mendeley - the academic social network

Google transparency report shows substantial rise in government requests for user data

Legendary former Apple CEO Steve Jobs didn't want his kids to spend time playing with gadgets