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Today’s tech: Apple iPhone 6 gets ripped apart, cloud computing is kind of a big deal, and Microsoft cuts Silicon Valley jobs

iPhone 6 glorious guts revealed

iPhone 6 teardown reveals battery, camera details and more (opens in new tab)

The website iFixit has released a comprehensive look at the inner workings of the iPhone 6 and the iPhone 6 Plus. The guts of the iPhone 6 have been thoroughly explored and examined, and closely match what the pre-launch rumours suggested.

Apple fans will note the increased battery size, with the iPhone 6 containing an 1,810mAh number, and the iPhone 6 Plus housing a meatier 2,915mAh juice box. Check out all the details via the link above.

Cloud (almost) all the way for mid-market businesses

Unlike IoT, cloud computing is actually living up to its billing (opens in new tab)

A fresh report has found that 87 per cent of mid-market businesses now make use of cloud technology. Perhaps more interestingly, 100 per cent of cloud users involved in the survey have reported savings of at least 25 per cent, when comparing the cloud with on-site solutions.

The report found that 57 per cent of businesses said the biggest drawback was security, closely followed by so-called "internal barriers", such as lack of understanding.

Microsoft slashes over 2,000 jobs

More Microsoft job cuts result in closure of Silicon Valley research lab (opens in new tab)

Microsoft has continued its plan to downsize by dismissing 2,100 employees, and closing the highly-respected Silicon Valley Microsoft Research lab.

Founded in 2001, the lab focused mainly on "privacy, security, protocols, fault-tolerance, large-scale systems, concurrency, computer architecture, Internet search and services, and related theory," according to the company site. Not good news.