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Dropbox irons out iOS 8 app problems

Dropbox has updated its iOS app to fix a number of issues which reared their heads with the latest version of Apple's mobile operating system.

It was actually spotted just before the release of iOS 8 that there was a bug in the operating system that broke Dropbox's automatic backup of photos and videos (and Carousel's, too).

The compatibility issue led to the feature being temporarily put on ice for iOS, but Dropbox swiftly fixed this backup snafu.

However, Dropbox then discovered a further problem some folks were experiencing, with "duplicate" photos appearing in backups, which were actually thumbnails produced by iCloud My Photo Stream that the Dropbox app was treating as unique images.

Again, this flaw was patched – along with crashing issues that some users had reported with iOS 8. Dropbox noted that "most" app crash issues on iOS 8 have been dealt with.

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You can grab the updated versions of Dropbox and Carousel, with all the relevant patches applied, here. Dropbox was commendably swift about sorting these problems out, although it had to be really – backups are obviously a very important issue for users.

If you are still experiencing crashing with the Dropbox or Carousel iOS app, the company has asked for your feedback (see the instructions on the firm's blog page).