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How to buy an iPhone 6? eBay your girlfriend

One Apple fan has taken his efforts to acquire the new iPhone 6 to the next level by offering rentals of his girlfriend to raise the necessary funding to get hold of the brand new handset.

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The Shanghai man held up a sign near Songjiang University saying he is “sharing” his girlfriend Xiao Ai for “pocket money” to the sum of $1.64 [£1] per hour, $8.19 [£5] per day and $82 [£50] per month with UPI reporting that he has already stipulated that no “funny business” is allowed.

Since he pitched up outside the university the campaign has gone viral on Weibo and further details explained that the sharing is limited to studying, eating, playing games and “three person dates” with his girlfriend where he comes as the chaperone.

“If you are interested, connect to personal hotspot 'wifi sharing master' to check her out," he said, alluding to photos of his girlfriend, who is a willing participant.

The fan is starting off his saving early as the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus aren’t expected to hit the Chinese market until next year and the news of his rental scheme comes just days after it was released in the UK and a number of other worldwide markets.

Earning money from the iPhone handsets is something that has been going on for a few years and this year saw various charities auction off spots in the line to raise money for good causes.

The devices themselves, which were released on Friday, sold over 10 million units (opens in new tab) and as such set a record for the fastest selling Apple handsets of all time, with many markets still yet to receive it.

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As for the Shanghai man auctioning off his girlfriend there’s currently no word on how many have signed up and at the rates he’s charging he should just about be able to afford the iPhone 6 on its release in China.

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