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MediaTek Labs project looks to kickstart Internet of Things market

MediaTek is hoping to help kickstart the global wearable and Internet of Things (IoT) market through its new MediaTek Labs initiative.

The new programme aims to help developers of any background or skill level to create devices and apps, by providing software and hardware development kits (SDKs/HDKs), technical documentation, as well as technical and business support.

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Marc Naddell, vice president of MediaTek Labs, believes that the project could drive the next wave of consumer gadgets by empowering developers from varying backgrounds to create wearable and IoT devices.

"With the launch of MediaTek Labs we're opening up a new world of possibilities for everyone — from hobbyists and students through to professional developers and designers — to unleash their creativity and innovation."

As part of the developer program, MediaTek will also be launching the LinkIt Development Platform, which is based on the MediaTek Aster (MT2502) chipset. The LinkIt platform makes creating prototype devices more affordable by providing MediaTek's reference design development model.

Alongside the company's Aster chipset, the platform includes the LinkIt OS, as well as HDKs such as LinkIt One, and SDKs that should allow developers to get the most out of their prototype devices.

The MediaTek Labs website will also provide additional support services, including comprehensive FAQs and discussion forums alongside free technical support. A Solutions Catalog will also be offered, where developers can share information on their devices and apps.

Eric Pan, founder and CEO of Seeed Studio, co-designers of the project's initial hardware development kit, said that he hoped developers would see the platform as an alternative route into the Internet of Things market.

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"While makers still use their traditional industrial components for new connected IoT devices, with the LinkIt ONE hardware kit as part of MediaTek LinkIt Developer Platform, we're excited to help Makers bring prototypes to market faster and more easily."

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