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Mobile app of the day: Microsoft Remote Desktop

What happens when you are out and about and realise that the really important document you need is on your PC, and your PC is not about your person?

Your choices include screaming or yelling, rushing back to your PC (not viable if you are miles away from home), or accessing the document remotely. With Microsoft Remote Desktop, a Windows Phone user can get into their PC and sort things out.

The latest version of Microsoft Remote Desktop has added in support for Fn keys on the extended keyboard as well as Cortana support, and you have access to Windows gestures, and to video and sound streaming (suitably compressed to handle bandwidth issues). Of course, handset screens are small and so things are a bit, erm, tight. Still, if you are caught short this is a handy app to have around.

Click here to download Microsoft Remote Desktop for Windows Phone.

Product: Microsoft Remote Desktop

OS: Windows Phone

Price: Free