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Today’s tech: More celeb nudes leaked, Chrome hack lets Android apps run on any OS, and networks battle for Phones 4u stores

4chan and Reddit release more naked celebrity photos

More naked photos of celebrities pop up on 4chan and Reddit

Yet more naked and semi-naked celebrity pictures have been released on 4chan and Reddit. The pictures allegedly feature Kim Kardashian, Hayden Panettiere, and Jennifer Lawrence.

It's still unclear where the photos originated from, and the photos were swiftly deleted from both 4chan and Reddit. However one of the curses of the Internet is that nothing is ever forgotten, and other users quickly spread the images across the net.


Google Chrome hack lets Android apps run on any device

A developer known only as "Vladikoff," has created a piece of software that allows Android apps to run on any device that run Google's Chrome web browser.

Vladikoff's software called ARChon, is a little fiddly to use, requires users to convert Android APKs (app packages) into a Chrome extension before they can be used. The hack is also prone to crashing, likely due to the huge difference in mobile and desktop software infrastructure.

Phones 4u corpse continues to be sliced and diced

EE has bought up 58 Phones 4u stores

EE has announced that it will secure 58 Phones 4u stores, following Phones 4u's announcement that it's entering administration. EE's move will save 359 jobs.

EE aren't the only network moving in on Phones 4u's turf, Vodafone has also announced that it will be snatching up 140 ex-Phones 4u stores, and it's also thought that the networks are looking for some-kind of deal on Phones 4u's remaining inventory and stock.