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University of Westminster goes smart with mobile revolution

Students at the University of Westminster (UoW) are now able to access their timetables and a room booking service via smartphones.

From August 2014 more than 27,000 students and over 4000 staff were given access to their academic year 2014/15 schedules with the help of software firm Advanced Learning.

By implementing its CMISGo software, the company has allowed the UoW to publish its timetables on mobile devices for the first time, as well as making them available earlier than ever before.

UoW and Advanced hope that their partnership will improve students’ lives by enabling them to organise themselves long before their academic commitments and deadlines.

It is also hoped the new initiative will allow students and staff to effectively share diaries and information via mobiles, ultimately improving collaboration.

Advanced has also supplied the university with a self-service room booking facility that allows staff and students to reserve teaching and study space across campus using their smartphones.

A successful pilot scheme introduced in June 2014 saw 2367 individual room bookings made by 211 different users – an average of 70 per day.

“Increased mobility, improved management”

“CMISGo will be key to improving management of resources across our four campuses, each of which accommodates innovative social learning spaces as well as lecture theatres and seminar rooms, alongside laboratories, studios and corporate accommodation,” claimed Professor Rikki Morgan-Tamosunas, UoW Deputy Vice-Chancellor.

“The capabilities of the new timetabling system are very exciting and I was impressed at how very easy it is to use. This is a positive change for students and staff and it is great to have such a powerful and intuitive tool at our disposal.

“Our students need to be ever more organised in today’s world and we believe the solution will be a great asset,” Morgan-Tamosunas added.

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