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Rapid iOS 8 adoption gives Apple yet another reason to be the smuggest company on earth

Apple is one of the hottest brands on the planet but, to paraphrase the Streets, my gosh doesn't it know it. Unfortunately though, the company has just been given another great reason to gloat.

According to fresh figures, iOS 8 has now been installed on at least 46 per cent of eligible devices.

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iClarified reported the numbers yesterday, also revealing that iOS 7 is still Apple's most popular operating system, boasting 49 per cent of its mobile portfolio.

Over recent days, statistics have given us the impression that iOS 8 hasn't quite piqued the interest of iPhone, iPad and iPod users in the same way that iOS 6 and iOS 7 did when they were first released.

However, these latest figures go some way to disproving this.

What's more, this rapid rate of adoption will hit arch-rival Google like a custard pie to the face. The latest version of its Android operating system, KitKat, has taken almost 11 months to reach the 24.5 per cent mark, according to the company's own figures.

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Apple has taken less than a week to achieve quite a lot more than that. No doubt this snippet of news will make an appearance at Tim Cook's next orgy of smarm.