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iOS 8 users complain of sluggish Wi-Fi, and battery longevity problems

Last week, Apple unleashed the latest version of iOS (and a couple of iPhones, too), and as is the case with any new OS release, there have been complaints flooding in. And not for the first time, much of the moaning has revolved around unexpectedly swift battery depletion (it was the same story with iOS 7).

PCMag (opens in new tab) highlighted these issues, as the tech site spotted a post on Apple's support forum where users were complaining about their battery longevity with iOS 8.

One user said both his phone and tablet had been hit: "My battery drains very fast (100% to zero in about 4 hours with minimal usage), started happening right after I upgraded to iOS 8. Issue started happening both on my iPhone 5S and on my iPad Air after iOS 8 upgrade."

Later in the thread other users complained of similar lack of longevity. One added: "Pathetic battery life (less than 4 hours on a complete charge), and apps that now are broken."

Others still bemoaned the fact that their iPhone with iOS 8 is dropping 10 per cent of battery life per hour on standby, and that it shuts down at around 10-12 per cent battery remaining.

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Whether some new iPhones might have dodgy battery packs, as has happened in the past (with the iPhone 5), could be a possibility – but the folks complaining seem to mostly have older iPhone models which they say were fine in terms of the battery before the upgrade to iOS 8.

The other major problem is Wi-Fi issues. One user, again on the Apple support forums, said: "Wi-Fi problems on iPad Air, iPad mini with Retina display and iPhone 5S after upgrading to iOS 8. I am thinking about going back to my iPad 2 with iOS 7.1.2 that is working perfectly until the Wi-Fi issues are resolved."

Another thread complained about 5GHz performance: "It appears that since iOS8 5GHz Wi-Fi no longer functions correctly. The iPad is connected to the network but it stops responding and lags. A reset fixes the issue for a few minutes but it then returns."

And yet another thread: "Since upgrading to iOS 8 the Wi-Fi connection from both my iPad Air and iPhone 5 is so slow that watching video or streaming is not possible and many web pages take ages to load. I've rebooted and reset both devices and 2 different routers that are working well with other devices (including apple products running on earlier iOS version.) Is the only solution to revert to iOS 7 until the issues are fixed?"

There are plenty of these sort of threads, all of which seem to make a good case for leaving the adoption of a new OS for a few weeks (opens in new tab) until early potential bugs are ironed out.

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Let us know in the comments if you've had trouble with either your Wi-Fi or battery since entering the world of iOS 8.

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