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Mobile app of the day: Boxer

Conventional wisdom tells you that the email inbox should not be a holding pen for to-do items. Instead you need to get email out of the inbox and make a note of what needs doing – or just get on and do it. That's easier said than done, and an app that works with your inbox can be a real help in the battle.

Boxer is just that – and effectively the app makes it easy to manage the full range of stuff that comes in via email. You can set up connections to other services so it is easy to send emails to Evernote, add files to replies from Dropbox, and for business users, get into Salesforce. You can reply with a pre-prepared template response, favourite and label emails, archive them, mark them as spam and more.

Boxer responds to sweeps and swipes that you can customise for actions like delete and archive, so that it is quick to move through email, and it allows for bulk actions – sending multiple emails to spam, for example. And there's a lot more besides...

Click here to download Boxer for Android, or here for iOS.

Product: Boxer

OS: Android, iOS

Price: Free