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Rumour: Apple 12in MacBook Air has no USB port or display bezel to make way for the slimline body

Apple could be ready to release a range of 12in MacBook Air laptops next year that come in a range of different colours and present a much slimmer proposition to what is currently available.

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Blogger Jack March (opens in new tab) claims that a new smattering of the laptops will arrive midway through next year that come in space grey, gold and silver colours with a 12in display that compares to the Microsoft Surface Pro 3.

March goes on to quote a source familiar with Apple’s plans as stating that it has a “noticeably thinner design” though no dimensions have so far been provided on the product.

The thinner design means that a standard USB port could be removed and in its place will be a new USB Type C reversible port that will ship inside an Apple device for the first time.

Apple’s MagSafe charging port is another part that is being sacrificed and in its place will be a different way to charge the device though the source wasn’t sure whether this element has been finalised.

The source went on to add that the 12in MacBook Air will be completely fanless to aid the thinner design and the display bezels are thinner as a result and “quite similar” to what is present on the current MacBook Pro Retina lineup.

Another element to see a big shrink in size is the keyboard space with no border around the edge of the keys and the speaker position has been changed to “above the keyboard and visible”.

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Rumours of the 12in MacBook Air have been flying around for some time and the slimmer design would let it stave off the threat from hybrid tablets such as the Surface Pro 3 and a number of others.

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