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Talko wants more talking and less texting

Former Microsoft CTO Ray Ozzie wants to get everyone to start using their smartphones for phone calls once again instead of constantly relying on text messages and emails.

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Ozzie’s master plan centres around a new app known as Talko that has been built from the ground-up to try and trigger a change in the way the phone app is handled on smartphones.

The app doesn’t use any legacy practices present on a regular “landline” and instead offers an application that is similar to a full messenger app complete with a voice-over-Internet element skinned over the top.

“Voice on its current path is in its decline,” he told, and he says success can be reached by reversing that trend. “We increase the total addressable market in words spoke.”

Why should we trust what Ozzie has to say though?

If it wasn’t enough that he was the CTO and chief software architect over at Microsoft between 2005 and 2010, Ozzie also built Lotus Notes, one of the quintessential business communication tools of the pre-Internet era.

The app has a default setting that records all audio from every call to allow users of the service to go back through the full recording as they would in a text message exchange or an email thread.

Group conversations can also be interjected by audio contributions that don’t require them to be a part of the phone call and it acts almost like a professional walkie talkie.

Apple’s Messages app that sits inside iOS allows users to send and receive audio messages though Ozzie doesn’t see that as competition in so much as it will help to encourage people to use voice messaging on phones that will in turn bring more customers to Talko.

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Clearly one of the main targets is businesses given that it encourages collaboration with colleagues and it’s success in that sector will do a lot to define if Ozzie makes it a success.

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