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TalkTalk Business launches cheap-as-chips broadband for disgruntled SMBs

TalkTalk Business has come to the aid of small and medium sized businesses [SMEs] across the UK in the form of two new broadband offerings that aim to significantly drive down the cost of plans.

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The two new options are priced from just £4 per month and come after a survey carried out by the firm showed that 59 per cent of SMBs have problems with their provider.

TalkTalk Business’ solutions come in the form of two different packages known as Simple Broadband and Complete Broadband. The former offers completely unlimited broadband for £4-per-month whereas the latter brings calls into the bargain for £10.50 per month with a £15 superfast fibre-optic broadband optional upgrade available for both packages.

The rollout coincides with its Value of Business Broadband survey that found half of companies don’t think they’re getting value for money from a current broadband package.

Meanwhile, 25 per cent aren’t sure what the best package is for their needs, one in five are looking to switch providers, and 50 per cent of those surveyed want the government to intervene and reduce the cost of super-fast fibre optic broadband.

In addition to its new packages, TalkTalk Business is also an official supplier of the Broadband Connection Voucher Scheme that is present in 22 SuperConnected Cities and allows a free upgrade to Simply Fibre or Complete Fibre broadband, saving around £180.

“If you’re a small business owner and honestly don’t feel that your provider has your best interests at heart; that they understand your needs and are committed to your growth, you are being under-served. Our message to SMEs is clear: there is always a choice, demand more from your broadband provider,” stated Charles Bligh, MD of TalkTalk Business.