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All aboard the Routemaster bus for a 60th anniversary Google Doodle

It seems to me that many a Google Doodle commemorates the 196th birthday of someone-I've-never-heard-of. Here's one we can all get on board with though: the 60th anniversary of the London Routemaster bus.

The Routemaster was designed in the 1950s as a replacement for the capital's trolleybus network and featured a rear platform, which allowed passengers to board the bus from the back.

According to Transport for London, the bus's design was influenced by manufacturing techniques learned by London Transport staff from the construction of Halifax bombers during World War II.

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The Routemaster's design used aluminium parts, making it much lighter than its predecessors. It was also wider and had more seats.

1968 saw the end of production for the iconic bus, with many sold off in the UK and worldwide.

You can now once again see the Routemaster's classic design on London's streets in hybrid form though. In 2011, Heatherwick Studios revealed a new one, complete with futuristic frontage and headlights (opens in new tab).

You can see Google's tribute to Routemaster on the search engine's home page (opens in new tab) (but only today).

You can also see the whole archive of Doodles here (opens in new tab).