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Apple’s iOS 8 has caused many more app crash issues than iOS 7

We've heard about issues iOS 8 has caused for apps already – and it's certainly nothing new to have a new OS version hit compatibility snags with various bits of software. It's all to be expected, in short.

However, an analytics firm by the name of Crittercism has been researching the extent of crashes with the latest incarnation of Apple's mobile platform, and has pinned an exact number on the problem (spotted by Bloomberg).

And that number is that iOS 8 is causing apps to crash around 3.3 per cent of the time, which is two-thirds greater than the figure iOS 7 achieved last year.

In other words, iOS 8 is causing a good deal more issues than the previous release, which caused around 2 per cent more app crashing. In the big picture, it's an increase of 1.3 per cent which doesn't sound huge, but it represents a fair chunk more aggravated iPhone users who have taken to Apple support forums and the App Store to air their complaints.

Bloomberg noted that one user said Facebook's app "constantly freezes and crashes" with iOS 8 (ahem, what's new), and another user complained in the forums that: "After I've upgraded to iOS 8, one of my favourite apps no longer works. It opens and then immediately closes. I've tried opening it at least 15 times and the same thing happens."

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Older iPhones are more likely to hit trouble, unsurprisingly, Crittercism noted. We have indeed already heard that iPhone 4S users (the oldest iPhone that iOS 8 can be installed on) can face potential performance issues with the update.

The Dropbox app was also hit by several glitches with Apple's new iOS, although the company has now ironed these problems out.

Expect the next update to iOS 8 to fix a lot of little issues, and bigger ones some folks have faced, including battery and Wi-Fi woes.

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