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iPhone 6 Plus creates its very own scandal: Bendgate

Everyone iPhone has to have its own "gate" – in the past we've had "antennagate", "scuffgate", and indeed this time around there's "bendgate".

If you hang around on Twitter a lot, you may have noticed #bendgate posts popping up where iPhone 6 Plus users have complained about the phablet which can apparently bend slightly out of shape if you, for example, keep it in your back pocket and sit on it (although some users have also reported deformation from keeping it in a front pocket, as MacRumors notes).

The phablet is, of course, a very thin and svelte piece of aluminium at the end of the day – but still, it should have a build quality which allows it to fend off a certain amount of stress in this respect.

As MacRumors observes, though, the potential for bending with a thin phone isn't a new phenomenon, and indeed there were some reports of this occurring with iPhone 5/5S models. But the iPhone 6 Plus seems to have more complaints and flak aimed at it – with matters possibly being worse because it's such a big phone (especially compared to previous iPhones) to cram into a jeans pocket.

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One enterprising YouTuber, Lewis from Unbox Therapy (spotted by 9 to 5 Mac), grabbed the bull by the horns and conducted his own bend test on the phablet – see the video above.

Just by using his thumbs and applying a good degree of pressure, the iPhone 6 Plus clearly bends with the most amount of curve being just underneath the volume buttons. The display is clearly curved, too (eat your heart out LG G Flex, ahem).

Perhaps more worryingly, and not shown in the above video, is that when he tried to bend the handset the other way, back into shape, the screen cracked. So be warned – if your Apple phablet has developed a slight kink, we'd be very wary of trying to correct it.

This has, of course, set Twitter alive with iPhone bending chatter as we mentioned, and given Android fans plenty of ammunition ("All I know is my Galaxy never bent in my pocket"). Incidentally, Lewis conducted the same test on the Note 3, with no bending happening – of course, that phone is of plastic construction.

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Apple hasn't commented on the issue thus far. And neither has Uri Geller, but if there's some bending to done, we're sure he'll get in on the act somewhere...