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Today’s Tech: iPhone 6 Plus owners get bent, iOS 8 runs into problems, and Great Britain in Minecraft?

iPhone 6 Plus users bent out of shape

iPhone 6 Plus creates its very own scandal: Bendgate (opens in new tab)

If you've been paying attention to Twitter you may've seen #bendgate popping up in your feed. The hashtag relates to the swaths of iPhone 6 Plus owners who have found that their phablets have been bending in their pockets.

The iPhone 6 Plus's all-aluminium body has resulted in the phablet's malleability, bending visibly from users repeatedly sitting down with the device in their trouser pocket.

Click the link to see a video from Unbox Therapy detailing just how bent the iPhone 6 Plus can get.

Crash course for iOS 8

Apple's iOS 8 has caused many more app crash issues than iOS 7 (opens in new tab)

Not content with the smorgasbord of issues users have been having with iOS 8, Apple appears to have included a number of app compatibility issues with its new iOS.

Users have reported apps "constantly" freezing and sub-sequentially crashing, and a number of apps simply refusing to work. iOS 8 crash rates are up 66 per cent from iOS 7 with apps crashing around 3.3 per cent of the time on the latest mobile OS.

Great Britain: An island of squares

Find your own house with full-scale UK Minecraft map (opens in new tab)

Ordnance Survey has released a map of Great Britain built in (now Microsoft-owned) Minecraft. The map has been updated to include roads, railways, and even houses.

The map uses 83 billion blocks each representing 25 metres squared of the nation, and an interactive version of the map has been released that allows users to locate their own homes. Despite being a 1GB download, the map extracts to a whopping 20GB, and Ordance Survey recommend having at least 23GB free to properly use the map.