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Extreme drop-testing the iPhone 6 from 10,000 feet (video)

A new iPhone goes through a lot of abuse – verbal and physical. Apple drop-tests the handsets themselves during pre-production, of course, and when the phone emerges, the amateurs take over with YouTube videos of stress tests and drop-tests galore.

And with the iPhone 6, or rather its phablet version, we've had bendgate which has seen videos of folks trying (successfully) to bend the phone into a permanent kink, something which has been accidentally done by the tight pockets of some unsuspecting iPhone 6 Plus owners already.

Anyhow, when it comes to the drop-tests, here's the most extreme we've ever encountered – C-Net spotted that Richard Ryan leapt out of a plane in a wingsuit and filmed dropping an iPhone 6 from between 7,000 and 12,000 feet.

That's a hell of a drop test.

Ryan enabled Find my iPhone and also attached a GPS beacon to the handset to ensure he could find the device afterwards. And the result?

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As you can see in the video clip above, the phone landed face down in a hard dirt field, digging itself into a small crater. Unsurprisingly the screen was cracked, but the phone still functioned.

Ryan has also tested the iPhone 6 against the might of thermite, and a 50 cal bullet, both of which proved very messy as you can imagine.