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Galaxy Note 3 passes bendgate test where iPhone 6 Plus fails

Squarespace has now brought us a video that tests the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 to see if it bends under stress.

This is in response to angered iPhone 6 users who posted images and videos of their new smartphones bending on social media this week, under #bendgate.

Watch and see what happens to the iPhone arch-rival.

The original #bendgate iPhone 6 video is below.

It was posted by one enterprising YouTuber, Lewis from Unbox Therapy (spotted by 9 to 5 Mac), who grabbed the bull by the horns and conducted his own bend test on the phablet.

Perhaps more worrying than the bending though is the screen cracking when he bends the phone back.

Tell you what, if I'd paid £619 for a brand new smartphone and it did that, I'd be pretty cross with Apple. What's your reaction? Tell us in the comments, or discuss it with other readers in our 24/7 Tech Talk (bottom left of the screen).