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iPhone 6 Plus costs £80 more than iPhone 6, but just a tenner more to produce

The experts over at IHS Technology have been ripping Apple's new iPhones apart and costing up the bill of materials, with some particularly interesting results in terms of the new 5.5in phablet.

They found that while the iPhone 6 Plus is priced at $100 more than the iPhone 6 (£80 more in the UK), it only actually costs Apple $15.50 (£9.50) more to make the device. That's a healthy additional profit for the phablet which is proving itself to be a popular choice (opens in new tab).

Currently the iPhone 6 Plus still has a three to four week wait listed on Apple's online store, whereas you'll get the standard iPhone 6 shipped in seven to ten working days.

One point to note is that this is a preliminary estimate of costs by IHS but it's likely to be pretty much on the money. The actual bill of materials of a 16GB iPhone 6 amounts to $196 (£120), with the iPhone 6 Plus weighing in at $211 (£130). Of course, there are also manufacturing, distributing and marketing costs to be taken into account as well, not to mention software, licensing and so forth.

But Apple has never been shy, or inept, at turning a big profit.

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Andrew Rassweiler, senior director, cost benchmarking services for IHS, commented: "Apple has always been adept at offering higher-end iPhone models with enhanced, desirable features – and then pricing those versions for maximum profitability. In the past, the premium versions of iPhone offered higher memory configurations for additional profit."

"While Apple continues this memory strategy, the company is also taking a similar approach with the iPhone Plus, structuring its pricing to add bottom-line profit on models that have a very desirable feature: a large phablet-sized display."

IHS also noted that the A8 chip is smaller than the A7, despite boasting double the transistor count, and that production of the processor is likely split between Samsung and TSMC. The new iPhones also have a barometric sensor for the first time, IHS further observed.

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