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Microsoft exec confirms Windows 10 reveal is coming next week

By now, we're all probably aware of the fact that Microsoft has a big press event scheduled for next Tuesday, and that this gathering is where Redmond is fully expected to show off the next version of Windows for the first time.

While the invitation simply says "Join us to hear what's next for Windows and the enterprise", which could be widely interpreted as having various meanings, rumour mongers everywhere have sources who have confirmed that the event will indeed be the initial unveil of Windows 9.

And despite Microsoft's PR department trying to play things subtly, a Microsoft exec, in fact the president of Microsoft France, Alain Crozier, has blatantly told his staff that Windows 9 will be revealed at the press shindig (as ZDNet France spotted, via Ars Technica).

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That said, Redmond PR zealots were quick to contact ZDNet and inform them that the next incarnation of Microsoft's desktop OS doesn't actually have a name yet – in other words, stop calling it Windows 9.

We can't see what else it will be called, though...

Whatever the name, the fresh operating system promises to deliver reparations for those who hated the touch-friendly new-style (Metro) interface Windows 8 introduced, and all the tweaks that were made to the desktop mode.

It's set to drop the Charms bar, bring back a traditional Start menu, and let Metro apps run in a windowed environment, among other changes designed to please the mouse-and-keyboard brigade who have no interest in touch functionality.

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