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Samsung weighs in on Apple's bendgate scandal with phenomenal troll

Has anyone else noticed that recently Samsung has been getting a little, well - sassy? Maybe it's buoyed up by the success of its latest Galaxy Note 4 device, released at IFA 2014, or maybe it's just the nightmare of a week that its arch-rival Apple has been having - whatever the reason, Samsung has been taking names. The Korea-based company just released a phenomenal troll aimed at Apple, spearing it for its recent "bendgate" catastrophe.

The poster shows an iPhone 6 bending down to the Galaxy Note 3, which is standing tall and erect like an Egyptian Pharaoh being worshipped by a subservient follower. The poster is of course referencing the recent #bendgate scandal which has rocked the world of Apple aficionados.

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If you hang around on Twitter a lot, you may have noticed #bendgate posts popping up where iPhone 6 Plus users have complained about the phablet which can apparently bend slightly out of shape if you, for example, keep it in your back pocket and sit on it (although some users have also reported deformation from keeping it in a front pocket, as MacRumors notes).

The phablet is, of course, a very thin and svelte piece of aluminium at the end of the day – but still, it should have a build quality which allows it to fend off a certain amount of stress in this respect.

Just by using his thumbs and applying a good degree of pressure, the iPhone 6 Plus clearly bends with the most amount of curve being just underneath the volume buttons. The display is clearly curved, too (eat your heart out LG G Flex, ahem).

This has, of course, set Twitter alive with iPhone bending chatter as we mentioned, and given Android fans plenty of ammunition ("All I know is my Galaxy never bent in my pocket"). Incidentally, the enterprising journalist behind the first bend test has conducted the same test on the Galaxy Note 3, with no bending happening, which is presumably what the poster is referencing. Of course, that phone is of plastic construction.

Perhaps more worryingly, and not shown in the above video, is that if you try to bend a distended iPhone 6 the other way, back into shape, the screen has been known to crack. So be warned – if your Apple phablet has developed a slight kink, we'd be very wary of trying to correct it.

Earlier this month, Samsung released another trolling poster, poking fun at Apple for finally capitulating to the large phone bandwagon that Samsung has been riding for years. The poster used a quote by Apple founder Steve Jobs, who once said "No one is ever going to buy a big phone". Samsung could barely contain its smuggery.

Check out the video of an iPhone 6 getting bent to hell below: