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A skateboard, phone charger and set of speakers all in one: Introducing Chargeboard

A Dutch university student has created a skateboard that can charge your electronic devices using the kinetic energy generated by its wheels.

Bjorn van den Hout developed the board as his graduation project at the Willen de Kooning Academy of art and design in Rotterdam, the Netherlands, but hopes to take the project further.

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Van den Hout said that the Chargeboard, as it has been dubbed, also enables the user to listen to their favourite music while they charge their phone.

"The two dynamos in the in the rear axles generate 6V each, this electricity is then converted back to a 5V current and gets stored in to a powerbox," he said. "So when you'll plug your iPhone in the dock your phone gets charged and in the meanwhile you can listen to some of your favourite tracks."

The device comes with a dock speaker included on the underside of the board, between the two axles, that allows the user to play music while their iPhone is charging. The Chargeboard is compatible with the iPhone 4 and 4S, but the dock also comes with a 3.5mm audio jack and a USB 2.0 port that means you can also play music from and charge other devices.

According to the device specs, one hour of riding is sufficient to fully charge your phone and the internal battery can hold enough power for eight complete charges.

The Chargeboard's creator confirmed that the device was still in its early stages and that he would be willing to accept outside help in order to boost the product's success.

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"Chargeboard is now still a prototype in development," he wrote online (opens in new tab). "If there is a brand, product developer or anyone else interested in Chargeboard it can hopefully be further developed."

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