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Tech News Weekly podcast 37: Mind-reading technology, Korea's vibrant startup scene, and what's the future of wearable tech?

On this week's Tech News Weekly podcast from we discuss the Apple Smartwatch and Google Glass, which the most innovative and what is the societal impact of wearable tech? Plus the latest headlines including how big data can keep the NHS free to all and why Apple is gloating at downloads of their apps and updates.

We also hear about the new smartphone app that can literally... read people's minds!

Joining Wayne Scott on this week's podcast: Aatif Sulleyman, Paul Cooper, Tom Phelan and Sam Pudwell.

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Articles discussed this week:

Google Glass and Apple Watch: Intrusive vs non-intrusive wearables

Rapid iOS 8 adoption gives Apple yet another reason to be the smuggest company on earth

Introducing the new smartphone app that can read your mind...kind of

Startup spotlight Korea: Soso, the mind-reading headset