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Today’s tech: Shellshock flaw blasts open OS X, iOS 8.0.1 breaks iPhone 6, and Samsung continues trolling barrage at Apple

The bug that could put the entire Internet at risk

'Worse than Heartbleed:' Shellshock bash bug blasts OS X systems

A security flaw has been discovered that leaves a computer's shell vulnerable, affecting Linux, Unix, and BSD systems (such as Apple's OS X).

Due to the bug being so deeply rooted in the computer's architecture it could affect "anywhere between 20 to 50 per cent of global servers," Darien Kindlund, director of threat research at FireEye, told ITProPortal. Security expert Robert Graham weighed in on the issue, saying users on older systems "are likely screwed."

If you're worried about the flaw be sure to check out our guide to protecting your system from Shellshock.

They should've called it iOS 8.0.dumb

'DO NOT install this stupidity': Apple's nightmare week continues as iOS 8.0.1 update breaks phones

In Apple's continuing woes this week, the Cupertino-based tech giant's update to iOS 8 has resulted in many iPhone 6s losing the ability to make or receive calls.

Just one hour after posting the update Apple pulled iOS 8.0.1... but not before receiving a torrent of abuse from iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus users. One particularly humourous commentator wrote: "Great. Apple just turned my iPhone 6 into an iPod 6"

If you've been affected by the update, look at our how-to detailing the steps to roll back to iOS 8 (or iOS 7 if you fancy).

Samsung continues its trolling masterclass

Samsung weighs in on Apple's bendgate scandal with phenomenal troll

Korean smartphone manufacturer Samsung has continued to troll Apple, this time taking full advantage of the recent "bendgate" fiasco.

After a number of users found that their iPhone 6 Plus would bend out of shape whilst in their pockets they turned to Twitter to voice their opinions, and began #bendgate. It's not clear how long Samsung's bombardment of abuse toward Apple will last, but it's not like Samsung are going to run out of ammunition any time soon.