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Could Apple's iPhone 6 and 6 Plus 'bendgate' be a good thing? Here's 8 reasons it could be

The newest Apple "gate" is upon us. Many users complain that their new iPhones bend in the pants. Flexible display is a compelling technology, when designed that way. Surely, Apple doesn't want customers, ah, adapting iPhone 6 and 6 Plus designs in their pockets. Someone call the lawyers! But wait, who sues whom? Apple for buyers violating its design patents, or users complaining the handsets are flawed? Oh, these legal quagmires are treacherous!

Personally, I'd like to do a gallery showing of bent iPhones as art. Maybe I can open a museum of pop culture here in San Diego. My point: There are some unseen benefits to Apple's apparent iPhone fiasco. Here, I present eight - and surely there are many more. Please decorate our comment gallery with your additions.

1. iPhone 6 and, particularly, 6 Plus supply shortages should subside or even end. Who wants to purchase a mobile that bends in the pocket, eh? Surely, lots of people thinking about the new Apple handsets are reconsidering and even cancelling orders - and thanking the deity of preference for sticking them in the waiting queue.

2. Samsung advanced the Galaxy Note 4 launch date. It's Christmas in Korea, today! Sammy benefits from all the marketing promoting iPhone 6 Plus and why larger-screen handsets are better and all the negative press showing Apple's mobile to be not the one.

3. Android fanboys get a good laugh - the last one! I think they should adopt a universal wave. When, say, in Starbucks, someone pulls out iPhone 6 or 6 Plus, yank out that big Android, wave it in the air, and laugh. Snickering and head shaking are optional.

4. All the bloggers and journalists who aren't Apple favourites can vent their resentment. We all know that the company keeps a shortlist of writers who get advance access to everything. For those that don't, here's their chance to stick it to Apple.

5. Apple's blogger and journalist favourites can show they aren't shills. The time for them to write that one negative story is when there is some kind of "gate" - Antennagate, Mapgate, and now bendgate/bentgate. These opportunities are so rare these writers shouldn't delay.

6. The so-called iSheep have a chance to try something new. Their friends have told them for years that Android is better and recently that iPhone 6 is like a 2012 Google Nexus phone. At last, just maybe - like an intervention for the family alcoholic - they will give up their Apple addiction and try something else.

7. Plastic is drastic. For years, iSheep have snickered about how much cooler are their metal iPhones compared to plasticky Androids. But in a series of bend tests - and Lewis Hilsenteger's is the benchmark - plastic phones prove to be sturdier and highly resistant to pocket bends. Ain't that a shame.

8. Apple lawyers will stay on the job longer. With the Apple-Samsung patent and ebook price-fixing cases winding down, the fruit-logo company doesn't need as many legal consultants. But, hey, another "gate" and the class-action lawsuits that follow is great job security for Apple lawyers.

Screen Grab Credit: Unbox Therapy