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Leaked: When is Apple releasing the new Mac mini?

Apple is reportedly set to release a new Mac mini for the first time in two years (opens in new tab). MacRumours (opens in new tab) claimed to have received word that Apple is planning to release a new Mac mini update (opens in new tab), and will possibly launch it next month alongside new iPad models and OS X Yosemite.

MacRumours said they were unable to verify the information of an imminent update to Mac mini, but said their source has provided accurate information in the past, despite not being able to provide any additional information about the next cohort of Mac minis this time.

The last model had two variations – one with a dual-core i5 Ivy Bridge processor, 4GB of RAM, and a 500GB hard drive, and a high end server version with a quad-core i7 Ivy Bridge processor, 4GB of RAM and two 1TB hard drives.

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The possible processer for the new generation of Mac Mini is up in the air, as Intel made the Ivy Bridge, and the tech giant are not due to release their next-generation Broadwell processors until 2015.

Despite this, MacRumours speculated that Apple might be happy to fit the new Mac Mini with Intel's Haswell refresh processors released earlier this year, as mac minis are not generally considered workhorse machines, despite being popular as servers.

The Mac mini was first launched by Apple in 2005, and was the first consumer computer Apple released without a display, keyboard or mouse after releasing the iMac. Apple initially marketed the Mac mini as a BYODKM product (Bring Your Own Display, Keyboard and Mouse).