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Today’s tech: FBI annoyed at Google and Apple privacy feature, Tesco’s Hudl 2 reveal date, and IoT developer toolkit

FBI worries that mobiles are too secure

Terror warning: FBI director sweating over Google and Apple privacy (opens in new tab)

FBI director, James Corney, has expressed concerns about the new privacy features on Google and Apple devices, specifically Apple's new iOS 8 privacy feature that prevents the devices passcode from being bypassed.

Mr Comey told journalists at FBI headquarters in Washington; "what concerns me about this is companies marketing something expressly to allow people to place themselves above the law."

What power? Power of Hudl. Hudl? you do

Tesco Hudl 2 tablet will be revealed on 3 October (opens in new tab)

Tesco has sort-of confirmed the reveal date for its follow up to the Hudl tablet, the Hudl 2, as October 3rd. Although not officially confirmed to be the unveiling of the Hudl 2, the invitations to a Tesco event next Friday bare the hastag "#Letshudl".

Not much is known about the Hudl 2 spec-wise but it's expected to be better than the Hudl (shock) and maintain the original Hudl's incredibly reasonable price point.

Internet of Things braces for influx of more "things"

SAM: What Lego and the Internet of Things have in common (opens in new tab)

A development kit that would allow a creative type the ability to connect most devices to the Internet has been released by SAM labs, a London-based startup.

SAM Labs CEO, Joachim Horn said "We want to level the playing field in innovation development, away from corporations with millions of dollars to spend on development and empower kids, young designers, start-ups, and small businesses."