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Vision for the Web in 2050: HP, Brocade, VMware and McAfee discuss

IP EXPO 2014 will see Sir Tim Berners-Lee give a much anticipated keynote outlining his vision for the web in 2050. In preparation for this landmark event for the tech community, IT experts gathered to discuss their own views, fears and predictions.

The discussion was hosted by Dan Simmons, presenter of BBC technology show Click.

McAfee argued that from a societal and economic perspective – none of the technology we possess or are building will make us progress unless we trust the systems within which we interact. Security and privacy should be seen as the foundation here, and integrating trust to be ubiquitous across all these devices will be crucial for the future of the web.

Brocade explored "the new IP" – looking historically at how networks are built. It is clear the classic way of soloing the network away from infrastructure is not working. There is no longer this clear divide between the two but instead, blurred boundaries, meaning businesses need to ensure they deliver a lot more flexibility within the market.

VMware highlighted that there is an important key consideration amongst all the advancements in technology and changes for the future: the relationship between results and assets within information technology is rapidly moving.

On the panel:

  • Brian Gammage, chief market technologist on end user computing, VMware
  • David Chalmers, VP, chief technologist, EMEA, HP
  • Duncan Kirk, COO, IP EXPO Europe
  • Marcus Jewell, vice president, EMEA, Brocade
  • Raj Samani, chief technology officer, EMEA, McAfeePorthole Ad
  • Tom Cheesewright, Applied Futurist

Make sure to check out the video above and stay tuned to ITProPortal for further, more in-depth videos to come.