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Creative companies thrive: Here's why

Adobe has this week revealed the findings of a new survey into the effects of creativity on a business' overall success. Entitled 'The Creative Dividend', Adobe says the report proves that "creativity is essential to current and future business success."

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Of the 300 senior managers of "large global companies across a diverse set of industries" involved in the report, 58 per cent said that organisations that encourage creativity recorded 2013 revenues that were at least 10 per cent higher than they were in 2012. 20 per cent of "less creative" companies, meanwhile, experienced similar levels of growth.

Adobe also found that firms that foster creativity are likelier to be market-leaders than those that don't.

Unsurprisingly, one of biggest effects that a creative culture can have on a business is making it a more enjoyable place to work. 69 per cent of companies that describe themselves as "creative" said that they have won "best place to work" awards. In contrast, just 27 per cent of non-creative firms managed the same.

"For years, business leaders have focused on things like employee productivity, process efficiency and workforce planning as the key success drivers for their companies," said David Wadhwani, the senior vice president of digital media at Adobe. "But over the past few years, the mindset has shifted. Leading companies recognise the importance of another key success driver – the need to infuse creativity into all aspects of the business environment – from strategy and culture, to innovation and customer engagement."

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Liz Wilkins, the marketing manager for Northern Europe at Adobe, added, "We're experiencing a new era of creative collaboration, and as this research shows, creativity has become a key ingredient to business innovation and success. Today's competitive landscape means it is more important than ever that businesses take the time to understand how creativity can help them stay ahead of the curve and have a positive impact on their bottom line."

The report was commissioned by Adobe and carried out by Forrester Consulting.

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