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‘Window shoppers’ drive 120% increase in mobile ecommerce traffic that leaps past tablets for first time

Mobile ecommerce traffic passed tablets for the first time even though revenue is still far lower from shoppers arriving at sites using a smartphone.

Figures from Monetate’s latest Ecommerce Quarterly report for Q2 2014 showed that mobile traffic grew by 120 per cent compared with the previous year whereas tablet ecommerce traffic grew just 35 per cent with desktop traffic flat.

Unfortunately for mobiles this hasn’t translated into revenue as, even though it accounts for 16 per cent of all ecommerce traffic, it still sees less than four per cent of the revenue. In addition to this, a mobile customer’s visit to an ecommerce site has a 50 per cent higher bounce rate, 30 per cent lower add-to-cart rate and it’s 10 per cent more likely they’ll abandon the sale.

“The low conversion rates imply that brands need to create more relevant, personalized mobile experiences to take advantage of the opportunity. Leaders will drive new revenue by delivering the right, personalized, experience for mobile consumers,” stated Lucinda Duncalfe, CEO of Monetate.

The report went on to add that the situation is improving with mobile customers much quicker at making the purchase when ready to buy something. This was measured by page views to purchase where mobile tallied 21.3, tablet 35.4 and desktop 34.5.

When it comes to order value, social media users have the highest average total at $106.12 [£65] of any mobile customer segment and this is despite the fact it drives just 0.12 per cent of the eventual conversion total and has an average bounce rate of 61 per cent.

Report earlier this year showed that the UK is one of the largest markets in the world for ecommerce and its exports in particular are expected to hit some £28 billion in total by 2020, far outstripping the likes of the US and Germany.

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