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Anarchy in the UK! Not on PIPCU’s watch

Policing the UK’s Internet must be more widespread than at present after City of London Police Intellectual Property Crime Unit [PIPCU] head Andy Fyfe called for a media debate on the topic.

During an interview with PC Pro, Fyfe made it clear that it wants to widen the body’s anti-piracy efforts as well as find out how much monitoring of the Internet by law enforcement authorities users would be happy with.

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“I’m very interested in having a debate in the media about how much policing of the Internet people want. At the moment, there’s almost no regulation and no policing of the Internet,” Fyfe said.

Fyfe’s group has been actively monitoring the Internet for just over a year and employs a number of strategies including posting banners on sites that are hosting pirated content and writing to domain name registrars over illegal sites.

The fear in Fyfe’s head is that if the public isn’t protected from the owners and operators of pirate sites, the Internet will descend into a situation that was likened by TorrentFreak to anarchy.

“In the end, that might mean that the Internet becomes completely ungovernable, and that no one can dare operate on it at all, no one can dare do their shopping or banking on it. So should there be a certain level of … state inference in the interest of protecting consumers? I’m very keen to raise that as a debate,” Fyfe notes.

Fyfe’s posturing comes just weeks after his unit made three high profile arrests (opens in new tab) linked to counterfeit software sales and an industrial scale streaming operation that screened sporting events from various corners of the planet.

PIPCU originally received £2.5 million in funding from the UK Intellectual Property Office [IPO] and given it has made good use of this there’s every chance that the group’s mandate will grow.

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